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Your dog will LOVE my training, and you will be impressed with how quickly your dog can learn. All breeds, mixes, and ages are welcome- and most certainly capable!

I am a strong advocate for positive training versus dominance-based training. I use only positive training methods. Positive training methods allow your dog to enjoy training, to trust you, and to truly build on your bond with your dog. I believe the bond between you and your dog is of utmost importance- if your dog trusts you, the possibilities of training are endless.

I offer both private and group training sessions. Dogs learn more efficiently when they start their training in the comfort of their home- with no other distractions. After you have completed basic training inside your home, then you are welcome to advance your training outside the home, adding the distractions of other dogs and people. I offer group socialization classes at a pet store where the dogs can practice their basic commands, leash walking in a group, and socialize with each other. This is an excellent method of training, your dog will learn much more effectively than just jumping into a group class, and you will find it much more enjoyable, as well.

My training is very affordable- please feel free to call around to compare prices, you will find even doing private training with me AND socialization classes will usually cost you less than others. With my training, you will be a part of it. I will train your dog right in front of you, and then have you try it after. You and your family have to be able to repeat what your trainer has taught your dog. 

I also offer a variety of activities for the dogs and owners to participate in. I believe in giving a dog a job, task, or activity to do. Different classes/activities include: Basic Obedience (with varying age groups), Advanced Obedience, Group Socialization, Tricks,  Agility, Nosework, Search and Rescue Training, and Trail Walks. I can train your dog to do therapy work, and then you move on to test and certify for therapy work. 

I am a certified trainer, having earned my CCPDT-KA, CTDI (trick instructor), and I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. I am passionate about continuing my animal behavior education, and must also continue to earn CEU's to withold my credentials. 

Basic obedience training, as well as behavioral issues are welcome. Some common behavioral issues include excessive barking, jumping on guests (and you!), stealing food off counters, separation anxiety, cat chasing, chewing, house training, leash pulling, and many others- including aggression.

Behavior evaluations are also available for free- this gives you the opportunity to meet with me before making a decision, as well as gives me the opportunity to meet your dog, and get a better understanding of his personality and what might be expected as far as length of training. There is a limit to driving distance, so please give a call or email to be sure.

If you are looking to adopt/rescue a dog, I also offer FREE evaluations to help you find a dog that is a great match for you and your family/lifestyle. There are so many homeless dogs, especially with the economy. Even if you would like a purebred puppy, please do some research- you may even be able to adopt a purebred puppy who needs a home. Or perhaps you want a sweet dog who is good with kids, but is a tad older so you don't have to worry about house training and chewing- trust me, you can find one in a shelter! It is always worth looking!
Please visit, you can search by area, age, breed, size, and more. You may be very surprised.

Please give me a call, or send an email to set up a training session, or evaluation. I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s)!
Discounts for rescued/adopted dogs!


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